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Monday, February 8, 2016

Interview with Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren


"Some say idle hands make for the devil’s handiwork. If this is true, then we might start classifying Tyler Warren as the patron saint of a new generation of surfers who splatter as much paint and resin as sea foam at their favorite point breaks.

Okay sure, sainthood is admittedly a ways off. But speaking with Tyler is like talking to a craftsman who seems to know something you don’t. It’s almost as if he sees something in the world that you don’t see. Maybe it’s his SoCal roots. Maybe it’s his family history in the arts (his mother’s great uncle was close friends with Frida and Diego Rivera). Regardless, once you get a whiff of his sun-soaked paintings and boards you’re able to get a taste of his vision, his love for the ocean, and his passion for the craft."

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Nathan Adams in Luminous from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.
Nathan Adams riding his 9'9 Sano Special and 5'6 Sandia Fish in California. Filmed/Edited by Thomas H. Green.
Music: Arthur Lyman - Sea Breeze.  Nina Simone - Summertime.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snot | Rocket

The winter slop finally cleans up for a fun morning session on the Ken White log. Matt Posey gets down on some nice little northerly nuggets.

Shop Ken White longboards at:

Salvaged | A Surf Film

Salvaged - A Surf Film from Harrison Roach on Vimeo.
With recording of two seasons of surfing raised from the dark depths of the old Deus Temple Of Enthusiasm hard drive, Salvaged is a black and white longboarding picture made up of fun, unused footage. The film was shot on location on the islands of Indonesia in clean, shoulder high surf, with a few large exceptions. It features local Indonesian Surfers Deni Firdaus and Husni Ridhwan, along with Matt Cuddihy, myself, Thomas Bexon and Zye Norris. This is my first surf film. Thanks for watching.

Banjo Strings | a film by Jack Coleman

Banjo Strings - a film by Jack Coleman from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
Featuring Rob Machado, Ryan Burch and Tom Curren

The magenta deck - 5'3" x 19 x 2 1/4
Rob machado surfboards
Shaped by Rob for Rob.
Experimental greenough bottom
Epoxy Twin fin set up with a trailer

Brownish looking squid - 5'5 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4
Rob Machado surfboards
"Almond joy". Rob's favorite candy bar.
Sometimes you feel like a nut...Sometimes you don't...
Epoxy Standard thruster (boring)

Ryan Burch self shaped 5'2 twinny

Curren skim to win!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


10' XEON CJ CLASSIC from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
This is one session at sano ridding my 10' XEON CJ Classic. I have been testing and designing these EPS and carbon composite boards for a couple years now. The flow and liveliness of these materials has opened my eyes and broken down my belief system as to the definition of a traditional longboard. Im excited and inspired every single day to get in the water and put these boards through their paces. Thank you for watching and BE HERE NOW. -CJ
shot by, Justin Bowers

Pete Johnson on a 11 Ft. 1967 Hansen

Pete Johnson on a 11 Ft. '67 Hansen from Birdman Media on Vimeo.
Birdman Media presents Petey Johnson riding his 11ft 1967 Hansen surfboard.

for more, check out.

or follow bird man media on instagram @birdmanmedia

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sea Monster

Sea Monster from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
We caught up with Josh "Sea Monster" Seemann to watch him surf his 9'5" XEON Classic at his home break in Carlsbad C.A. We we're blown away and inspired watching him make the less than average conditions look like a walk in the park. Check Josh out on Instagram at @seemonnster. Thank you for watching.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Surf ID x Josh Oldenburg Surfboards

Surf ID x Josh Oldenburg Surfboards from Slippery Saltwater Chronicles on Vimeo.
A collaborative quiver of surfboards by Kenji Kono and Josh Oldenburg. All four boards are available at Aloha Beach Club ( in North Park, San Diego.

Full writeup available in - Blue. Issue #57 (

Film & Edit by: Evan Schell (

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fuel and Glide

Fuel and Glide from FuelSurf on Vimeo.
Puede parecer un poco egocéntrico dirigir tu propio video, pero sienta realmente bien poder verse uno mismo.
Gracias chicos por ayudarme a juntar este puñado de imágenes, sin vosotros este autorretrato nunca hubiese salido del ordenador.
The Beach - Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade
Nick Mulvey - Meet Me There

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected from WEEKEND ISLANDS on Vimeo.
Expect the Unexpected is a short movie filmed in Figuera da Foz (PO) during the Gliding Barnacles #1. With Mitch Surman, Matteo Fabbri, Dani Alvite, Eurico Romaguera, Javi Taladrid, Ricardo Almeida, Riccardo Pietra, Harry Holiday, Joao Forte, Eurico Gonçalves and more. Music: Homesick (TRMRS) + info:

One Day in Port-A | A Look at Surfing in Texas

One Day in Port A // A Look at Surfing in Texas from on Vimeo.
This new video by Evan Adamson gives a peek into the longboard surf culture in Texas. Featuring the stylings of Tegan Gainan, Nate Floyd and Morgan Faulkner. Shot in 1 day over 2 surf sessions.

Directed by Evan Adamson

Future Islands - "Balance"

"You can clean around the wound
But if you want it to heal,
It just takes time.
And you can call up to the moon
But if you want something to change
You gotta change your life
And take your time

It just takes time
It just takes time
It just takes time
All of your time

And the sun will leave the room
Leave you to the night
And that's alright
Because before the morning comes,
There's a certain calm
And then there's light

It just takes time
It just takes time
Oh, just your time
You can change your life
It just takes time
Oh trust in your time

And I can sit and talk
'cause I was just like you
So arrogant and brave
Impetuous and crude
But trust me as a friend
And I'll do all that I can do
And I'll do anything for you
Because I want to see you through.

It just takes time
All of your time
You can change your life
It just takes time
A little trust in your time
A little trust in your time
A little trust in your time
It just takes time
Just your time
All of your time
All of your time
All of your time."

Found in Translations | Cycle Zombies Japan Trip 2015

Found in Translations | Cycle Zombies Japan Trip 2015 from Cycle Zombies on Vimeo.
where do we go from here

Monday, December 21, 2015


Worm from Hayley Gordon on Vimeo.
Erin Ashley (aka Worm) sliding on some California point breaks

KOALA CHRONICLES | The Noosa Legends of Gnarnia

KOALA KHRONICLES: The Noosa Legends of Gnarnia from Birdman Media on Vimeo.
From the salty shores of Southern California to the point breaks of Noosa Heads Australia, comes Birdman Media's newest longboard surf film Koala Khronicles: The Noosa Legends of Gnarnia.

Birdman Media's sequel to 2012's "Koala Khronicles", will take a journey back to Noosa Heads, spreading good vibes, camaraderie, and the aloha spirit of longboard surfing.

With friends and logs in hand, Koala Khronicles part 2 features a hand full of longboard surfers from around the world; Jerry Swearingen, Jackson Winter, Karina Rozunko, Lola Mignot, Mele Saili, Mitch Surman, Mick Rodgers, Alex Bullpitt, Brett Caller, Dean Petty, Makala H Smith, Tory Gilkerson, Tara Franz, Matthew Dalton, Jake Bevan, Ricky Cunningham, Taylor Jensen, Josh Constable, Mark Sharp, Thomas Bexon, and David Arganda.

Surf sessions by day, party sessions by night, with sleeping in between.

Featuring soundtrack by GROWWLER

For more, check out

Thursday, December 17, 2015